Me, Myself, and I

Hello avid readers!

Since you came to my blog, of course you’ve got to know about me, myself, and I.

I’m Chelsea Quebec. Capricorn. Currently 19 years young. Chelly, silsiii, chels or whatever you name me. Youngest of the four sisters. My dad died with old man’s diseases when I was young, and now I’m alone with my mom and sisters. Currently taking up enhanced Bachelor of Science in Nursing in University of San Carlos Talamban Campus, Cebu.

I can say to myself that I’m highly educated and proudly confident and independent. No school year I wasn’t awarded. I play some instruments, dance to the beats, sing to the melodies, and play strenuous sports and activities. I love travelling, going adventures, taking risks and challenges, laughing with friends and experiencing new and crazy things.

My best assets are my long, smooth, shiny hair, my awesomely cute dimples, and my brain. I know how to style, dress, and make colors to my looks. I critic my self then I critic others. I don’t have curfews in my home but there is in my dorm (damn it). I don’t drink standard alcohols and beers but I can tolerate wines.

I like to read fictional books. Fave author is Dan Brown. In leisure time, I watch English series and movies, Korean/Japanese dramas and movies. No hate but I don’t bother watching local shows and movies. Interested in people with no drama just laughs and those with sensible and wise attributes.

Fashion is my passion. Art is my diversion. Knowledge is my profession. The world is my possession. My life is my obsession.


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