Summer Starter Pack

The classes have ended and I know you’re not planning to stay in bed always. Make use of your free time and go spend your summer the way you wanted it to be!


Going on beaches, taking adventures, travelling in different spots and everything fun. These are some ideas how you can have a great summer getaway. However, do you plan to go alone yourself without anything? No way. Well, I have here some tips you need to have in order for you to get a very great and fun life escape.

Money is everything. Money is life. And for now, money is summer! Without cash, I think you can’t even step out of your house. So before planning for summer make sure your wallet is full.

If you think you can make it anywhere without even one person beside you well, lucky you. I mean hello? Are you even human? Grab your friends or your family and spend your quality time together.

The most necessary one (for me). Don’t go anywhere starving, make sure that your body meets its needs and cravings so that as you use your full energy swimming and doing activities, your body system is well prepared.

“Say cheese!” “Jump shot guys!”. These and other pictures of poses you want to do. Always remember to bring a camera, whether DSLR, GoPro, Instax, Digicam or just your personal smart phones. Your itinerary is a great picturesque.

Tshirt is okay. Swim wears? Trekking suits and shoes? These are better. You don’t need to have it but to make your summer better, you should wear clothes suited for your summer getaway.

These are some basic you-should-haves in order to have a happy and fun summer life. To make it better you can include tents for overnights, car for a joy rides, selfie sticks (just popped out in my mind), shades coz it’s hot, internet for immediate posting, though better if you wont bring coz it might become a wifi party instead of an actual party, or you can bring your favorite fictional book if you feel like reading. So pack up your thingsĀ  and get ready for your vacayy!


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