Beach Starter Pack

Processed with VSCO with a6 preset

Processed with VSCO with a6 preset

Yes I know. Even an old person goes to the beach so why wouldn’t you? It’s the most common yet the most enjoyable and appropriate escape to do when Mr. Sun is in his most stunning time. However, you can’t just go unprepared. Well maybe you can but sometimes we need some stuffs to bring in order to get the beach vibe and make the fun, more fun.


You can take pictures on the views, the sand and the sun with your smartphones or DSLRs but you can’t take them to the sea. Worry no more, because Go Pro can be at any place, whether at land, at sky, or at the water and sea. Don’t forget to take a shot under the sea. It’s kinda expensive but it’s very helpful once you get to dip in the water.


Grab your bikinis and summer shorts cause you’re gonna wear that for the beach! (Well duh, like I’d wear jeans swimming lol). A simple shirt and short can do but it’s a lot better with proper attire. Don’t worry with the belly, because no one is jelly (jealous).


As you know, it’s really hot, damn hot in the beach. Though the sea breeze is great but the view is so bright and hot you need something to contrast it. Therefore, you should bring shades, beach hats, slippers and other beach accessories.


Don’t just swim, have fun with your friends with other activities you can do in the beach such as beach volleyball and maybe a simple card game. Swimming can be a lot tiring so make your leisure time with other fun games.


I don’t know why I added this but yeah I need this too. I’m brown but I don’t want to be black. Well depends on the person, some people would like to get tanned and some not. But as I experienced, even if you put sunblock to all your body, you still get burned.


These are just some of my ideas in my Beach Starter Pack. I know you have a lot to add so just comment on the box below. Don’t forget to add the beach in your summer itinerary!


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