A Dream Came True

What kind of a dream I had?
wearing a wedding dress, I’m very glad
walking on the aisle beside my dad
towards the man that I most love

The man that gives my smile delight
that’s why i gave him my hand so tight
and now I’m waiting for the words so true
so I can open my lips and say “I do”

But all of them were just unreal
just a dream I want to be real
hoping to have that kind of feeling
to make my life complete without dreaming

As I walk behind the wall
I see you like I’m gonna fall
I don’t know if this is true
or just another dream in the blue

Yet you came to me and made me free
free from the things that fools on me
you hold my hands and give me a kiss
like in the dream I so much miss

You knelt down and opened the box
said the words I need at last
“will you marry me” words of love
waiting for my answer, I’m so in love

So overwhelmed my eyes filled with tears
got to answer him without full of fears
the words I’ll say like in my dream
“Yes I will!” , I almost scream.



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