My Moon

I wake up in the middle of the night
Wake up from a dream that gave me delight
A dream of a paradise full of hope,
That never seems to exist in this world we cannot cope

Though i should just open my eyes to reality
But i loved that dream full of piety
And now i cannot go back to sleep, for i feel cold
With no one to comfort me, so my body, i fold.

Now i look at the brightly shining moon
Calling for him, feeling like a loon
He is my only compassion and friend
In this life that will shortly end

I call out to get his attention
For i will ask him the only question
that i have been asking myself
I ask him, why am i alone?
Though there are many people in this place called home

Those people that i call family
They never seem to be happy
Around me, they all worry
Worried for me, always feeling sorry

The moon answers me back
He tells me there’s something i lack
That i am not alone
For the moon is here with me all along.



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