Priced Profession


When you step into college, you get to choose what course or degree you will enroll that leads you to your profession when you go to work.

There’s a lot of choices; in the field of engineering, arts and design, education, health etc. Basically, you just need to assess first your self on what are your strengths and weaknesses, your interests, and put them together then look on the avenue that fits your preferences.

But i guess not all can do that, some students are maybe forced from their parents, and unfortunately for some, cant even proceed to college. It’s a lot of money but in the end you will get back the money you risked from your future work. As long as you put hardwork and passion into it.

I’m currently a student nurse, and a medical degree is not just evidently hard and stressful but ofcourse has higher tuition fee than other fields i bet. But nothing hinders me from getting my desired profession. It is what my life tells me to do and i’m destined to it.

So you out there, whatever you take in your academic life, be proud of what you have and what you are in to. And to those who are unfortunate, don’t be hopeless and always strive for excellence. Never settle for less.

There maybe 1000 reasons why you can’t, but there’s 1001 reasons why you can.


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