What Summer Is


My adorable peace sign hand at Tingko Beach Alcoy, Cebu

A necessity of summer is (not) beach.
The weather in our country, Philippines, is expectedly hot every summer. As the sun shines its brightest, we eagerly look for something to chill and cool our minds and body. However, people nowadays would think that one should go to a beach to commemorate summer. But that is not actually summer at all, it should be when one’s soul is at rest, what and where.

We’ve been very stressed and fully scheduled being a student that we missed some gatherings and get together with our friends and families. So we spend all of our time with them during summer. Yup going to beaches, taking adventures, and flying to another country is an expectation. But I don’t think you’d do that everyday in summer (you must be rich if you do). From my own experience, watching movies though i always watch movies is summer to me. Reading fictional books and manga, no-sleeping-kdrama-marathon, anime, tweeting or posting that it’s boring, me writing here, and the things that you love to do like uhmm studying? Lol. Everything that you love to do and that you are not forced to do it and you do it willingly and passionately. That is summer. Happy vacation.


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