A Trip to Palawan

Hey reader! As you know, Philippines is filled with lots of islands. And one of them is Puerto Princesa, Palawan. It’s one of the country’s best tourist spot and the amazing place to go if you want to take the best trip and adventure. Let us not wait. Here are some beautiful and adventurous places.


Mitra’s Farm
This farm is extraordinary. For a fee you can ride horses and enjoy the 5 zip lines. You can see the view of the Palawan cityscape from afar, well sight-seeing is fun. The place is very refreshing and calm. You can have chitchat or picnic with your “barkada” or family. The place is a no worry since picnic tables and chairs are everywhere from the parking area to the viewing deck, but it is better to lie down in the grass. Mitra’s Farm is a nice place to cool down or relax.


Baker’s Hill

Baker’s Hill is not a hill. It is a great place where you can find the best delicacies Palawan ever had. There, you can taste excellent baked goods and other foods you have never tasted in life. Baker’s Hill has also a garden and playground, but seeing it you would define it as an amusement park. Let me explain. Yes there are trees and beautiful flowers but surrounding them are sculptures of characters from popular movies like Shrek and Fiona with their babies in the movie “Shrek”, dinosaurs from “Jurassic Park” and other more. I suggest you should bring camera with you.


Wildlife Rescue and Conservation Center

Bearcats, serpent eagles, ostriches, cockatoos and other endangered species can be found in this place but their most highlight are the crocodiles. Wildlife Rescue and Conservation Center or formerly known as Crocodile Farm and Nature Park serves as a shelter to crocodiles which are included in the endangered species. On the entrance, you can see a skeleton of a large croc and on the wall is its large skin. As you pass the hall, you can see the Hatchling House or baby crocodiles segregated into different levels of maturity. After, you’ll witness elder crocs under a flyover, so fearsome. They also have a mini zoo though it needs a lot of fixing. 


Iwahig Prison and Penal Farm

This place is beyond expectations that you can’t imagine it is a prison.  Yes it is, though as you enter the main gate, you see a wide, so wide, rice field that are worked and made by the prisoners themselves. Planting is one of their ways to penal. What’s interesting is that the place is not closed with barricades but with mountains. They aren’t only good in agriculture but also in industry. They make key chains, paintings, accessories, bags and other more. They are simply talented. The place has a hospital, courts for basketball and tennis and other facilities. Like in Cebu, Iwahig also has dancing inmates. Another interesting fact is that they can live a house or stay and work in the employees’ which can also be found inside Iwahig. Iwahig is better than other prisons and their penalty is better than staying in a cell.


Bay Walk

What can you find in a bay walk? Sea, ships or boats, park, open field, stalls, street foods and courts. Bay walk in Palawan have that all but they have more. They have bicycles for rent, P25 an hour, and horseback riding for P20. There you can bike all you want around the wide oval or experience riding back on the horse, back and forth, for a small fee. The bay walk sounds common at daytime, people strolling, biking and exercising, but it comes alive at night! As lights turn on, you can notice array of food kiosks and shopping stalls. To hang out with friends in the bay walk is a great getaway.


Immaculate Concepcion Cathedral

Tour guides say that you are granted three wishes if you go to the biggest church in the place you gone. In Palawan, Immaculate Concepcion Cathedral has a high ceiling, tall doors, wide space, long walls painted blue, sculptures of angels and saints and of Immaculate Conception in front of the entrance and, which I say, is the biggest church in the city. As you get inside, you’ll be amazed of the beautiful images around the walls and of the altar.  Across the cathedral is a school and front of it lies a tall figure of God carrying Jesus Christ nailed in the crucifix.



Are you short of money to buy many pretty things and delicious foods for “pasalubong”? Tiange-Tiange is the right place for you. They have everything you want at fewer prices but at the same quality as others; key chain made from Iwahig for P5.00, delicacies for between P20.00-P100.00 or above, Palawan T-shirts for less than P80.00 but they can also customized T-shirts and other beautiful things and yummy foods that are surprisingly cheap. Tiange-Tiange is the best shopping treat.


Kuyba Almoneca

Kuyba Almoneca has mini caves and inside are figures of Mary like a gallery. They have a meditation garden which is best to relax and reflect. What are interesting about Kuyba Almoneca are their history and the owner. In the center of the place lies a mystical wooden cross which urged to build a chapel and the stations to a gardener. So, they now have a chapel and Stations of the Cross. The most interesting is Neil, the “Big Boss” of Kuyba Almoneca. He is the third child of the family owners and is a special child, an autistic. He borrows cellphones from guests and copies the cell number. Hear it rings to check if he got the right number, and if it doesn’t, you’re unlucky. He’s not a danger actually, you should meet him.


Karst Mountain Elephant Cave

It is made up of huge mountains forming a large elephant, and on its back has a cave which explains the name of the place. Surrounding the mountains is a wide rice field and after are stones which are naturally white. A board from a TV series “Amazing Race” was buried on the ground implicating that Elephant Cave has been advertised, used or seen in media.


Underground River

Underground River is the world’s famous underground adventure, in fact, it is one of the Seven Wonders of the World. What made it adventurous are that you have to take a boat going to the island, meet monkeys and komodo dragons, walk between tall forest trees then ride on a small boat to get inside the cave. Inside are full of stalagmites and stalactites and naturally made stone formations with different categories; fruits, vegetables, meats, persons and the most appealing is the Cathedral full of angels and saints. One that outshines is the Holy Family, but when you look at its back, you’ll recognize it as The Last Supper. Amazing right? They are plenty of bats above, it’s the least expected but like the tour guides say, “When looking up, keep your mouth closed”.


Ugong Rock Adventures

There you can experience the fastest zip line in the country. They have two types of zip line; sit and superman style zip line. But before you can do the two, you need to enter a cave first then go spelunking and trekking.  Which I say is discover the stones echoing when tapped then climb on it with a rope to go to the top of the mountain then go down by a zip line. Huh, pretty adventurous right? The stones are quite slippery so you better wear sneakers.


Honday Bay Tour
Enough with mountains let’s go snorkeling. There were many schools of fish with different colors and sizes and beautiful coral reefs. But before seeing those, you need to ride on a boat first. First stop, Luli Island. With a goggle and a snorkel, delegates swam to the sea and had a great watch to the fishes and corals. The island also has a banana boat. After how many minutes, you’ll be sent to another island, Isla Pandan. Unlike the last one, Isla Pandan is a resort with huts and restaurants in the seashore. They were many fishes and one you can find is a family of “Nemo”. You can feed the fishes with breads. Isla Pandan has many delicious sea foods.

Tour guides said that once you went to Palawan, you will want to go back and have the same experience you had but better with different companions. So what are you waiting for? Pack up your things and get ready to say, “Hello, Palawan!”.


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