Get Me Back From Who I Want To Be

Is this out of place I’m feeling
Or just me acting out of my being
What if I weren’t here at first
It must’ve been good for them

How I wish I could read their minds
Coz I’m afraid they will say the words
The words I don’t want to hear
Makes my mind full of fears

Who could help me with this
My heart is feeling useless
I wish i could loudly cry
But someone’s pulling me to fly

I know he noticed me
That there’s something wrong on me
Why am I such a dull
I want him to be my pal

I really don’t understand
My mind is blowing up
Can I approach him
I’m afraid he’ll just end it up

So please give me confidence
So I can look up high
And give me the heart
So I can accept the lie

Just the two of this
And I will be satisfied
For you I will ask this
Coz God you are my light

And here it goes again
Am I a stranger to them
I don’t want to look their eyes
Just a fire burning in our ties

Who could explain this to me
This emotions I want it to flee
So that my life would be free
And get me back from who I want to be



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