Autumn Girl

I actually painted this for my Humanities project and our teacher said to paint original ideas but i am not great at unique stuffs so i just surfed the internet. 

But as I get to the process of painting the subject and all the colors, brushing through every corner of the paper, I seem to consider how I chose to pick this one picture of million results in google. Then I ponder to myself that the girl with the umbrella in an autumn feels reflects me. 

I do agree that you’re attracted to someone or something that has a relation to yourself. 

In my life, I may not be alone but I’ve been truly independent. It’s like I can almost manage myself alone. I’m good enough to walk the strange and the unknown. I have never been this convinced until I painted this picture. 

Like I’m holding the umbrella, I am holding all my strength and protection to what danger will fall upon me. Like the girl who never glanced back, I will always look forward. Do not let the past stop you from your present direction towards the future.

What I really mean to say is that, it doesn’t really matter that you have to paint an original idea of yours 😅😅. Copying is not that bad as it can be. Sometimes, other people’s works just show and explain a lot better than what’s in your head. 


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