Lambug Beach, Badian Cebu: How to get there?

There are a lot of great beaches in Cebu and more of it can be found in the south side of the queen city. Maybe you heard a lot of white beaches in Moalboal or Alcoy but you seriously missed other good ones.

The town right after Moalboal is Badian which is greatly known for the famous Kawasan Falls and the canyoneering adventures. However, there is a hidden gem filled with white sands and crystal clear sea water in the town. Lambug Beach Resort is still a growing itinerary during summer. It has not been advertised and promoted well but i know it will become a hit during hot times.

Personally, I recommend Lambug Beach Resort than Basdaku/White Beach in Moalboal. The latter seemed very crowded now and pollution is starting to become evident. Lambug beach, on the other hand, is clean and green PLUS there’s no entrance fee and accommodation, food stalls and everything is a lot cheaper. So how to get there?

Here’s how to:

  1. If you have no private vehicle then you should go to Cebu South Bus Terminal near Elizabeth Mall (Emall).
  2. Look for a bus that has a sign going Badian or commonly with a sign “Bato Barili” which means going to a place called Bato through the road Barili (since there is also Bato Oslob, which is the other part of the south as separated in Carcar). Note: Do not take buses with signs of only “Moalboal.” Lambug beach resort is after Moalboal so you might have to take another ride.
  3. I recommend taking Ceres bus liners and go for aircon, there’s not much of a difference than the air lapse. If you’re still a student or senior citizen, then you should bring your ID for a discount. The bus fare would cost you about P100-P120 and yes it’s a long ride. Probably you’ll arrive after 2-3 hours. So you’ll be acquainted, here’s the line up of the towns toward Badian. South Bus Terminal – Mambaling – Basak – Pardo – Bulacao – Tabunok – Talisay – Minglanilla – Naga – San Fernando – Carcar – Barili – Ronda – Dumanjug – Alcantara – Moalboal – Badian.
  4. Unless you know where the actual road heading to the beach, you should stop at the market “lungsod” of Badian. You’ll know because there’s a lot of people and local vehicles and in the right side of the road there will be a basketball court with a tarpauline saying BADIAN.
  5. As you arrive at the market, go look for a motorcycle “habalhabal” or tricycle and tell the driver to Lambug beach resort. The fare is around P30.00 to P50.00 per head.
  6. And voila! you just arrived at Lambug beach! Hate me if you won’t like the place but I’m pretty sure we’ll be friends. Tip: go walk to the farthest right side of the beach. It’s where you can appreciate more of its beauty.
  7. Going back is just the same process but vice versa.

There you have it! I hope you’ll actually go there so we can talk about your adventure! Thanks and feel free to ask me questions!


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